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Elegant Horses for Sale in Lake County, IL

When you are looking for horses for sale in Lake County, IL, then Long Grove Farms has many for you to choose from. We have access to horses both locally and abroad, allowing us to find the perfect one for you. For more information on acquiring or leasing your next horse, please contact us by phone. Our helpful team is always prepared to help guide you through the purchasing process and will help you find the best options based on your skillset and budget.

A horse is more than an animal. It is also a friend and partner. If you are interested in owning or leasing a horse, then we are here for you. Our company offers a variety of horses of various breeds. We will work with you to match you with a horse that best fits your riding style and skill level.

A Wealth of Options

Horses are our friends, so we are committed to making your options as flexible as possible. If you are interested in keeping a horse, then you may choose to buy one from us. We specialize in horses that are meant for horseback riding and competitions. However, if you have more particular requirements or goals in mind, then we can assist you in that process as well.

Leasing is also a viable option. This affords you the flexibility to have access to a horse on periods you define. In turn, you have the freedom to ride while staying within your budget. Our team will work with you to find a horse that matches your preferences, and we can also negotiate the terms of your lease to fit your schedule.

We encourage you to visit our show barn, where you may see our current stable of horses. You may schedule an appointment to see what we have to offer.

Finding the Right Steed

At our equestrian center, our primary goal is to help you find a healthy, appropriately priced horse that fits with your ability and performance. After determining your budget as well as your requirements, we will help you locate the best horses available. We have sources at domestic horse barns as well as at international training facilities. This way, we should be easily able to find the ideal horse for you, whether you are performing in horse shows or just looking for a trail riding partner. Contact us today to learn more about the assistance we have to offer and to discuss what you are looking for in a horse.